Project Period: 1st January 2018- 31st December 2018
Working Area: Dhaka
Donor: NGDO, Disability Right Fund
Partners: NCDW

To bring about a greater engagement by the state and key social actors with the recognition of disability rights at various levels and implementation of specific provisions of the CRPD

The project will enable a coalition of disability rights advocates in Bangladesh  to compile a shadow report on specific articles of the CRPD, particularly on access to justice for persons with disabilities. The project will specialize in identifying and documenting PWDs' and mainly WWDs' experience while seeking access to justice. Proposals for relevant legal and procedural reforms could therefore be informed to have equal opportunities to access available judicial remedies in cases of violence, family disputes, or discrimination.
Producing the CRPD Shadow Report

NGDO and NCDW and BLAST have taken part in a consultation meeting on Draft Rules of the Persons with Disabilities Rights and Protection Act, 2013 held on 7 September 2014.NGDO, BLAST and NCDW have run Focus Group Discussions among DPOs and members of the community from various professions in 7 districts (Rangpur, Faridpur, Pabna,Bogra, Sirajgonj, Norsingdi, Kushtia, Dinajpur and Dhaka) to advocate Articles 6, 9, 13, 16, 24, 25, 27 and 29 of the CRPD.NGDO and NCDW’s disabled leaders participated in the inauguration program for the foundation of Disability Complex by the Prime Minister.NGDO and NCDW leaders engaged in local level coordination committees set up under the Disability Rights and Protection Act 2013.Most of NCDW’s and NGDO grassroots DPOs leaders are engaged in disability census committees at different district sand sub-districts namely Rangpur, Faridpur, Pabna,Bogra, Sirajgonj, Norsingdi, Kushtia, Dinajpur, Dhaka.NGDO and NCDW are providing inputs as active members of the Working Group for Draft National Strategy for Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities in Skill Development 2013.NGDO, BLAST and NCDW organized an Expert Meeting on the 26 August 2014 where legal experts and DPOs shared their opinions on the CRPD reporting guidelines and concept note for the CRPD Shadow Report.In our (NGDO, NCDW and BLAST) last national level advocacy consultation meeting held on the 28th December 2014, the participants present at the meeting including the representative from the National Human Rights Commission and the undersecretary to the Director of UN of the MOFA appreciated our draft report and the findings highlighted there. The Joint Secretary of the Ministry of Social Welfare noted down the recommendations and findings from the draft shadow report.


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