Public Interest Litigation and Advocacy Intern

1. Legal research including on international and comparative law in relation to ongoing PIL cases (for enforcement of human rights)

2. Contribution to drafting of petitions /intervener petitions in such cases

3. Research Paper and Media articles on specific PIL cases

4. Legislative and media advocacy related to implementation of PIL directives and judgments

5. Policy briefing

Legal Intern

 1. Assisting with various ongoing projects, such Corporal Punishment, including legal research, general communication, drafting letters, and file-management.

2. Assisting the legal and monitoring cell with impact assessment related research on specific areas of legal intervention

3. Reviewing legal aid interventions in specific sectors - labor rights or rights of marginalized communities (including persons with disabilities) and identifying dimensions for strategic legal aid (PIL), and or for advocacy regarding law and procedural reform

4. Reviewing legal aid interventions at grassroots level in slum areas in Dhaka city on violence against women and women's rights in the family - focusing in particular on the issues of consent and choice in relationships and developing advocacy campaigns and materials

Management & Communication Intern

1. Conducting a review of BLAST’s performance review system

2. Assisting in general management and communication duties in the office

3. Contributing to developing systems for internal communication and more effective management across 19 districts across the country, including improving client communications

4. Assistance in fundraising activities

5. Review of current BLAST website


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