Realising SRHR for Young Bangladeshis: Youth-led Submissions for Bangladesh’s UPR” at the Palais des Nations, Geneva, Switzerland

A panel discussion on "Realising SRHR for Young Bangladesh: Youth-led Submissions for Bangladesh's UPR" was organised today, 09 April 2018, at the Palais des Nations in Geneva, Switzerland, by ARROW in collaboration with RHRN Bangladesh, SRI and Dance4Life. Focusing on a number of issues, including young people's sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) , comprehensive sexuality education (CSE), child marriage, gender equality and the legal recognition of the Hijra population, the panel shared the findings from the first-ever youth-led submission for Bangladesh’s 3rd UPR on the status of young people’s SRHR in the country and highlighted the progress and gaps in fulfilling Bangladesh’s relevant international commitments. Panel discussants emphasized the urgent need for the government to address the severe gaps in terms of universal access to young people’s SRHR in the country, particularly the absence of CSE in existing school curricula, lack of access to youth-friendly SRH services, and the lack of inclusive national policies on SRHR for young people with diverse sexual oritentations and gender identities, including the institutionalisation of the third gender in all government forms and formats. The discussants also presented key recommendations for improving the situation of young people's SRHR to the delegates of 12 UN Member States who participated in the event.

UPR submission Link hosted on the SRI


Kamrun Nahar of Naripokkho presents on the policy and implementation gaps for access to youth friendly health services and recommendations for Bangladesh's 3rd UPR Cycle.
Abdullah Titir [of BLAST], one of our RHRN youth advocates, presents on the situation of lack of recognition of the lack of recognition of sexual and gender minorities and how it manifests into severe violations of rights, for Bangladesh's 3rd UPR Cycle.


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