BLAST has undertaken litigation to ensure the effective implementation of regulations to protect public health as well as to ensure occupational health and safety.

Iodine deficiency inhibits growth and brain function in children and causes thyroid diseased in adults. To prevent iodine deficiency, Bangladesh has laws in place to require licensed salt producers to include iodine in salt. In December 2004, in response to a BLAST petition, the High Court directed the Ministry of Health to implement the Iodine Deficiency Disease Prevention Act, 1989 and Rules, 1994 by registering salt manufacturers, regularly testing their salt production for the required amounts of iodine and submitting the results of this testing to the Supreme Court twice each year. The High Court also directed the Ministry of Health to prevent unregistered manufacturers from producing, marketing and selling salt for human consumption.

BLAST also recently challenged the failure of the concerned authorities, in particular the Directorate of Health, to take appropriate action to ensure the monitoring of licensed blood transfusion centres and to investigate reports of the continued operation of unlicensed centres pursuant to its obligations under the Safe Blood Transfusion Act, 2002. Another case challenged the failure of the concerned authorities to take action to prevent the pollution resulting from the continuing operations of a factory located in Gazipur, and their resulting breach of their statutory duties under the Environment Conservation Act, 1995. See Right to Safe and Healthy Environment for more information about BLASTs work regarding pollution, building standards and environmental protection.

In addition to litigation, BLAST also conducts advocacy campaigns. For instance, BLAST monitored the prolonged delays in the criminal prosecution of individuals/companies for the deaths of children due to the sale of adulterated paracetamol syrup and pursued the Attorney General’s Office to reactivate cases that had long lain dormant.

Public Interest Litigation


  • BLAST and another vs. Bangladesh and others [Iodized Salt Case]
    Writ Petition No. 1043 of 1999
    25 BLD (2005) 83
    Full Text


  • BLAST vs. Bangladesh and others [Inmates' Diet Case]
    Writ Petition No. 7986 of 2006


  • Syed Saifuddin Kamal and BLAST v Bangladesh and others [Emergency Medical Services Case]
  • Writ Petition No. 1509 of 2016
  • BLAST and BELA vs. Bangladesh and others [Water Logging Case]
    Writ Petition No. 7123 of 2006
  • BLAST vs. Bangladesh and others [Untreated Industrial Waste Case]
    Writ Petition No. 5007 of 2006
  • BLAST and another vs. Bangladesh and others [Non-Compliance with Environment Conservation Rules Case]
    Writ Petition No. 341 of 2009
  • Anisur Rashid, ASK and BLAST vs. Bangladesh and others [Safe Blood Transfusion Case]
    Writ Petition No. 1360 of 2010



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