Capacity Building

BLAST works to make tangible different in the lives of millions of people in Bangladesh through evaluation of our own legal services, coupled with consistent internal capacity building in the form of staff training as well as capacity building for legal professionals and the justice system to better uphold the rights of marginalized people.

Training of Staff and Lawyers
BLAST staff members attend training programs throughout the year to help them better fulfill BLAST’s mission. Past trainings staff members have attended include report writing and analytical skill development, capacity building on media advocacy, training on CEDAW as well as training on information, communication and technology (ICT). Trainings on facilitation skills were also held for field staff and PIL trainings were held for university students through law clinics. BLAST also works on building the capacity of our pro bono lawyers’ network and their specialisation in new areas of law through partner organizations and issue-based trainings.


Capacity Building of the Justice System

BLAST also works on capacity building of the justice system to make it more accessible to the poor and marginalized people of Bangladesh. For instance, capacity building sessions were also held to inform police, BLAST lawyers, marriage registrars, ward commissioners and other community leaders about gender and violence related laws.

Strategic Plan
BLAST prepared a strategic plan for 2011-2015. The strategic plan revisited BLAST’s mission and goals and identified steps to strengthen BLAST. Opportunities for development identified in the plan include collaborative fact finding, implementing directives and PILs, engaging in policy and legislative action, collaborating on research with universities and other organizations, extending national and international networks, and developing local partnerships.


Monitoring and Evaluation

BLAST has sought to assess the impact of its litigation services largely based on notions of success and failure of individual cases. We are now seeking to improve our information. While we have traditionally sought to monitor our activities by setting casework targets, and reviewing the extent to which these are achieved, we are now developing a more data-driven approach, through development and use of a web-based case management system (CMS).


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